• Key features

What is FlashBeing?

FlashBeing is a web platform that allows you to combine your daily web business in a single page. It integrates an aggregator able to bring together the main content of the network (such as websites and social networks) in a single page; a semantic engine that also allows you to enjoy music and video; social functions that allow you to communicate, share and connect with people wherever you are. You can imagine it as a kind of new browser.

What’s that for

FlashBeing speeds up your internet surfing, preventing you from opening dozens of websites or app every day, saving a considerable data traffic. It also differs from other web portals on the market by not using your personal information for profit. It is a software designed to speed and simplify your routine while protecting your privacy.

What can you do

On FlashBeing you can aggregate websites, e-mails, social networks, blogs and basically all sources of the web in a single page, organizing them in the most comfortable way to you, thanks to the subdivision into interest groups. Thanks to the semantic search engine and the social functions you can search content and connect with people in a much faster, easier and safer than you have done so far. You will no longer need to use multiple services to perform the same daily web tasks.

Our mission

Allowing people to interact with the network in the most secure, easy and fast way. People use FlashBeing to follow news and stories of friends, get information and connect by with people dear to them using a single service, saving time for their emotions and passions..

First of all there people are

We are a group of guys who are developing FlashBeing taking into account all the main debates and problems that we have faced and we are facing in the development of the network. This is why right from beginning of the project we decided to put the people first, because we believe that we can surf the network safely without necessarily becoming commodity. FlashBeing is in fact one of the few platforms that has no advertising, which offers more than 100 options of privacy and that does not use your personal information for profit. We have developed a business model that allows us through the unique features of working with companies generating the profits needed to support the entire network.

Accessible anywhere

FlashBeing is not accessible only from computers but also tablets and smartphones, directly from the browser or through the app iOS and Android and will be also soon available for the Windows Phone. Unlike many other softwre, mobile applications incorporate all the functions of the desktop version.

It is an application, not just a website

Flashbeing is not just a website, but also an application which works in your browser. Our main target is to have people surfing in a fast and easy way.That is why, when you get in FlashBeing, the page will not reaload and all is going to work just with micro requests to the server.


Chat, browse profiles and comment a post simultaneously in FlashBeing is possible. We have developed a GUI that allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously from a single window.

Per sfruttare il multitasking prova a ad utilizzare più funzioni di FlashBeing contemporaneamente.

Bubble Menu

To simplify as much as possible the user experience, we have introduced a new type of menu: the bubble. To access the different areas of FlashBeing move your mouse over the FlashBeing logo.

Draggable elements

The graphical interface of Flashbeing allows to drag elements inside the page and collocate them where you prefer. For example you can open more chats together and collocate them in any place you wish. In addition to that, if you drag them outside the page, they are going to expand in a new page you can place where you want on your desktop.

In order to drag the chat windows press and hold the gray frame around the chat box and drag them.

Presentation and content playback in full screen

When you’we opened a content at full screen, pressing "p" on the keyboard you can start a full presentation of your stream.

Keyboard controls

In Flashbeing you can use the platform’s main functions just by using the keyboard; click:
  • f to publish a new Flash..
  • 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 to change the viewer of your stream.
  • p to launch the content’s presentation after having visualized one.
  • l to appreciate the concent opened.
  • c to comment the content opened.
  • s to share the content opened.
  • > (right arrow) to go to the next article after having opened another one.
  • < (left arrow) to go to the previous article after having opened another one.
  • (up arrow) to visualize the original content after having opened anothe one.
  • (down arrow) to close the viewer of article after having opened another one.


On mobile you can control the platfom doing the following gesture:
  • move the finger from the left to the right to open the menu when you are in the homepage.
  • move the finger from the left to the right to close an opened box.
  • move the finger from the left to the right to pass to the next article after having opened one.
  • move the finger from the right to the left to pass to the previous article after having opened one.
  • move the finger from the top of the screen to the middle to close the viewer article after having opened one.

Scroll to reply

You can reply directly to messages just by scrolling your window.

Status colors

Next to the image of each user there is a colored bar that represents its status:
  • Red = offline.
  • Green = online.
  • Gray = private status.

Add the sources, it’s a web aggregator

To appreciate FlashBeing you have first of all to organize in a better way your own stream. In one page you can gather your website, your profile facebook, twitter and instagram, you remail, the wether forecast and much more. Every single content is optimized: you visualize the full images, videos are ready to be played, there is no advertising and the text are ready to be viewed in a easy and fast way.

To add a source click on “Add a source” on the top left.

Semantic search engine

The semantic search engine of Flashbeing understand you and can be used in order to control the entire platform, without losing time. For example if you would like to create an event but you don’t know how to do it, you just need to write “Create a Event”. Would you like to view a club? Write “my Club”. Do you want to send a new Flash? Write “new Flash”. You want to listen a song? Write “playname of the song". You want to modify your privacy settings? Write “privacy settings”. The research works while you are digiting and is able to fing pages, people, events and club within Flashbeing.

To use the semantic search engine, start typing what you need.

More than 100 options of privacy

FlashBeing supplement more than 100 options of privacy which allow to decide for each single datum, starting with your name, if it can be seen to eveyone or to nobody, until to become completely invisible.

Clicca qui per accedere alle tue opzioni della privacy.


I post in FlashBeing si chiamano Flash e si contraddistinguono per le seguenti caratteristiche:
  • Once pusblished, the Flash give you back immediately the number of people reached
  • In addition to images and videos, with the Flash you can also share files
  • It is possible to share directly a Flash on Facebook and Twitter
You can also tag people and object in a single post and have access in all the flashes of that argument by searching them in the search engine.

To publish a Flash click the icon on the top center.


With the chat you can also send imegs, files, stickers and memes. Thanks to the colour of the chat you can see if someone is online or not:
  • Red = offline.
  • Orange = online but not in chat with you.
  • Green = online and in chat with you.
  • Violet = private status.
You can start a chat with someone by looking for his name in the search engine and by clicking on the icon or by going on his progile and clicking on the icon "+ Messaggio"


With Flashbeing you are able to share any content with a friend, on your own profile, on a webpage, on a social network or by email: you just need to click on “share”.

The fourth interaction

In addition to the friends request, the “follow” and the “contact”, on Flashbeing you can say if you like a specific person without anyone knowing. It works like this: you click on the little heart under his/her profile picture; you are the only who know that, but If also she/he click on your heart, both will be receiving a notification of this match.

Organization of groups of sources

In addition to your main stream, that is the flow of contents that appears when you open FlashBeing, you can create more groups of source in according to your preferences. For example you could create one “Sport” which contain all sport websites, one called “funny videos” which include all the sources referring to them and another one “Images” where you collect all the images you love.

To get to the source’s editor click qui. You can add a website by clickin on "#" on the bottom left and create new groups by digiting the name and by clicking on “create” on the bottom right. To add a source in a group, click it and hold the mouse until you have dragged it on the target group, so release the mouse.

Once you have organised your groups of sources click here to visualize them.


FlashBeing introduces the club, a hybrid between a group chat and a group of common social network. In the club you can chat with other members, share pictures, files and specific information. There are three types of clubs:
  • Public: it is a club visible to everyone on the network.
  • Private: it is a club visible only to friends.
  • Exclusive: is a club to which access is by invitation only.

and messages in clubs can be:
  • Classics: the messages are published attributed to their author.
  • Anonymous: published messages are anonymous and not be traced back to the author.

You can create a new club by writing "New club" in the semantic search engine in the top center; to view your club you can always find them in the search engine or access the menu of the club by clicking on the icon in the home of FlashBeing.


Organize real events and invite people. The events in FlashBeing, in addition to the insertion of information, allow to access to a group chat event and send invitations by e-mail.

You can create a new event by writing "New Event" in the semantic search engine on the top center; to view your events, you can always find them in the search engine or access the menu of events by clicking on the icon in the home of FlashBeing.